Now that we have made our form, it’s time to introduce the network request to the GitHub API.

To do so, we are going to use the Axios library.

It’s a nice useful and lightweight library to handle network requests.

Go back to the command line (you might need to quit the Vue app to do so, using ctrl-C) and install it locally using npm install axios.

Import it in your Form component script code:

import axios from 'axios'

GitHub offers us a public API to ask user’s information. We can call it using the HTTP GET method on the URL<username>.

Let’s replace the alert(this.username) line with some network code!

We call


The syntax uses template literals to embed the this.username variable value in the string.

This returns a promise, so we can use then() to process the result:

axios.get(`${this.username}`).then(resp => {

At this point contains the response data we are looking for, and we can process it.

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