You don’t learn unless you start doing.

I have some ideas for you.

You can start by replicating the project on your own. Try from scratch, and follow the lessons to know what to do, but type every single letter yourself. No copy/pasting.

Once you do this, you can start expanding the project a little bit.

Start from the code available on the repository at

Here are the challenges:

  1. You can store your progress with the drawing in local storage, so when you reload the page, you didn’t lose all your changes.
  2. You can assign a number to each color in the legend, and instead of having a blank canvas in the beginning, have a pre-built drawing with those numbers. In this way you know where to click to make a nice drawing without having to come up with an idea.

You might find a stumbling block while working on those project expansions. If you do, jump on Twitter and we’ll find a solution.

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