In this module, I’m going to show you the first basic building blocks of Vue.js.

This is just the theory we’ll need to build our sample app in the next module.

I could start with the simple app, but this gives us a bigger foundation to understand the code in action in the next module.

We’ll begin with Components, then dive into Single File Components, which are .vue files that contain all a Component needs.

Next, we’ll see how to use Components inside other Components, and how to make use of props to pass data between components.

We’ll see how to load a component multiple times programmatically using the v-for directive (and I’ll explain what directives are).

The last thing is, how to handle DOM events and how to communicate between components using emit and on.

Note: I don’t want to overwhelm you with theory, so I’ll just explain the things you need to know so we can build a real app in the next module.

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